Vertical Garden Ideas To Make Your House A Beautiful Place

To be completely honest, sometimes my imagination takes a break. I can’t think of any new ideas to introduce into my garden, and when this happens, I love to sit down and browse the Internet for something new.

Vertical garden ideas was my most recent search on Google, and here are ten articles which appealed me the most.


Easy And Beautiful DIY Garden Trellis

In case that you are growing zucchini on a trellis, you will need some sort of support. This article will cover this matter, with simple approach and low cost. Of course, some digging and bolt-cutting will be in order, but since I could deal with it, I believe that you won’t have trouble making one as well.

2. How To Build A Vertical Vegetable Garden

How To Build A Vertical Vegetable Garden

If you love unusual designs, this article will surely delight you as it is delighted me. Contrast made between wood and lush green plants will fit every garden, and its vertical orientation only improves its looks. Lean it next to a wall to break plain color of the surface. Also, since it is movable, it is ideal for cooking herbs.

3. Frédéric Malphettes Trellis Vertical Garden

Frédéric Malphettes Trellis Vertical Garden

I’m not too much familiar with the world of design, but when someone combines simple materials with such interesting design, I’m there! Frédéric Malphettes used simple metal frames linked one to another to make chain for plants to climb on. If you think that this is impractical and too much, just take a look at how great it is!

4. An Insanely Chic (And Simple!) Garden Trellis DIY

An Insanely Chic

We’re still in the range of designers. This time, Megan Pflug is our guide. She made easy to set up and make a design for wireframe. You can use it to make support for your cucumber or lima beans because the distribution of stems is equal and in order. Of course, some drilling and wirework will be in order, but nothing demanding.

5. Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

If you love great and snappy videos which will show you in less than three minutes how to make a hanging garden, this one's for you. I made mine in about an hour, which is excellent for the first time. It can be used everywhere, but I placed mine in a kitchen, to store herbs and other plants which are needed for cooking.

6. Small-Space Balcony Garden

Small-Space Balcony Garden

Every balcony can be a garden. I didn’t think of it earlier, but it was mostly because I have a garden in the backyard, so there wasn’t a need for such. However, if you wish to keep your plants and vegetables close at hand, follow this guide. It will also tell you which vegetables are suitable for such growing.

7. DIY Vertical Onion Tower Planter Out Of Plastic Bottle

DIY Vertical Onion Tower Planter Out Of Plastic Bottle

A tower for onions? Tower made of plastic bottle? I’m in! This idea is so simple that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier? Luckily, someone has, and here are the results. This tower is perfect to fit the windowsill, and probably you can’t get more onions from smaller space than when following this guide.

8. Adorable & Funny Diy Plastic Bottle Hedgehogs For Your Garden

Adorable & Funny Diy Plastic Bottle Hedgehogs For Your Garden

I don’t prefer to keep things plain and dull. Why put a plant into an ordinary container or pot, when with a bit of an effort it can look like a hedgehog? This is also an excellent opportunity to make something with your kids or to unleash your inner child. After all, gardening is all about enjoying, so why not to give it a go?

9. Bottle Tower Gardening: How To Start? (Willem Van Cotthem)

Bottle Tower Gardening

To be honest, Willem took a concept of tower growing to an entirely new level (pun intended). Why throw away plastic bottles when you can make something beautiful and useful? This way you can save a lot of space, and to contribute to keeping the Earth green.

10. 10 Ways To Style Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

10 Ways To Style Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

In case that you don’t know which approach to take, here is a list inside a list (does this make it a “Listseption” or “Gardenseption”?). A lot of ideas are featured here, so you can use them to your advantage, or to think of something new, it is up to you.


So, this is my list. Vertical garden ideas are at your disposal, so feel free to use this guide and to make some excellent garden setups which will save both space and time used for maintenance.

As always, feel free to use the comment section below if you have some exciting designs and approaches that you would love to share.

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