Vegetables To Plant In Pots And Container And Have A Blast While Growing Them

To keep developing as gardeners, we have to absorb new knowledge and ideas. Some decade ago, growing something in a container in my world was reserved exclusively for flowers. Since then, the things have changed, and today I have a lot of vegetables and herbs which are kept close at hand.

Therefore, here are vegetables to plant in pots and container, and I believe that even if you didn’t try doing this, you will have fun, and continue to develop as a gardener.


How To Grow Onions In Containers And Have Fresh Vegetables Throughout The Year


Not to be falsely modest, I did a really good job on this article. In fact, onions were the first vegetables I tried to grow this way, and this is the reason why I love them so much.

This article is meant to be used in two ways. You can read it now and see what is needed for container growing or use it as you go. Of course, I believe that the majority of gardeners will make a compromise, and read it several times.

Growing Pumpkins In Containers - How To Grow Pumpkins In Pots


In case you didn’t know, pumpkins can be grown in containers. Inevitably, their size is what can be an obstacle, but still, there is a way.

I liked the bulletins at the end; this part looks so well-organized and tidy. Since you will want to have as transparent article as possible, this is a great one.

25 Ways To Seriously Upgrade Your Family's Backyard


Well, this article is a bit unexpected, is it not? I mean, this IS a gardening blog, right? Don’t worry; this still has connections with vegetables and garden.

Besides amazing lanterns which you can make, there is one plant which you don’t expect to see being grown in a container. I won’t tell you which one, you have to find it yourself.

How To Grow Bell Peppers In Pots

Bell pepper

Who would say that bell peppers are great for container growing? Being so small and pointy gives them much advantage when vegetables are chosen for pot growing.

As for the quality of the article, it might seem as if the author just threw in pictures with some text below, but this is why I loved it so much. By listing the essential things, the author keeps your attention.

Grow Cucumbers In Pots With These Easy Tips


I just can’t get enough of cucumbers! Pickled, fresh, whichever shape they can take, I want those! This is why I have listed this article.

Also, I love how the author listed some of the recommended cultivars of cucumber, so you are covered on this matter. Other factors such as a proper container, soil, and conditions are also featured, so this is one full guide on this subject.


So, there it is. Vegetables to plant in pots and container are at your disposal, so there is no reason for you not to try and grow these.
As always, drop me a comment, opinion or advice in the comment section below.

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