Useful Tips to Get Rid of Termites in Your House


Do you know what is worse than knowing there are termites under your bed while you are sleeping? Knowing they will crawl into your mouth while you are asleep!

For the most prolonged period, I was denied my cotton dreamland until I did some research and finally able to get rid of them.

So, to help my fellow readers who swore vengeance on them, I decided to share my knowledge of useful tips to get rid of termites in your house.

How to get rid of termites

Call for help

It is always better to leave this kind of things to the hands of the experts. They know how to do it properly without destroying your home.

Also, it is because apart from having the knowledge and the know-how elements, a pest control company typically has the best termiticide products on the market, or at least better quality compared to those you could get from the supermarket.

Also, termites don’t just go away after one sweep of action, so a pest control company’s service, which usually includes post-service check-ups, is the perfect solution.

However, if for whatever reason, contacting a pest control company is not an option, you could try the choices below.

Termite traps

Attention, please be informed that this method will not completely get rid of termites, but at least it will lessen the severity of the situation until you can find a more permanent solution.

Now, time for some science. Stack some paper cardboard and paper sheets, soak them up and place it where you spot the termites. Leave it and check back on it after a couple of days, and you will see termites settling down on it.

The science behind it is not complicated. Cellulose is usually found in paper cardboard and anything papers related, and termites love cellulose. That and water are the primary components of their diet.

After that, just put on a glove to protect your hands and get rid of those paper cardboards.

Boric acid

If you were able to identify their nests, this could be a permanent solution. Purchase boric acid powder and propylene glycol at your local suppliers, then put on a pair of gloves and mix these two ingredients, and this bad boy will hasten the termites’ journey toward heaven.

Pour the solution on the nest and places where you find termites, then laugh like an evil villain as they perish.

Remember to wear gloves in the process!

Expose them to sunlight

If you are lucky, the termite infestation has not spread to the whole house yet. Instead, only a piece of furniture has become their home.

Termites are like vampires; they are afraid of the sunlight (but not garlic or crosses, mind you). Turn their home into a coffin and chuck it out in sunlight. They won’t disintegrate into dust but will most lightly die from dehydration or overheating.


Although I do stand by the option of calling help from a pest control company for safe conduct and a practical solution, if you choose the other home remedies, please remember to put on a pair of gloves during the whole process.

This is to protect your hands from termites as well the boric acid solution. Otherwise, you will experience skin irritation from both being bitten by the termites and the chemical treatment.





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