Top 6 Articles About Rosemary Plant Care – Stay Covered In Every Aspect Of Growing

If you had followed my blog so far (and I hope you did), you know that I love to make a list of other articles which are valuable for a specific subject. Simply put, I believe that this is the best way to learn something about your field of interest in the most effective way. For that purpose, I’m giving you top 6 articles about rosemary plant care.

In case that you decided to grow these plants, this list will be of excellent service. Each is dealing with different aspect of growing, so the whole ground is covered.


How To Grow And Care For Rosemary Plants

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care


I love this kind of articles. Marie from The Spruce did a great job, and hence my first recommendation.

I think that the first article you should read is one which will explain the overall growth process, as well as harvesting and storing. She also intertwined some interesting facts, but to find out which are those, read the article.

How To Harvest Rosemary Properly – A Quick & Easy Guide

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care

Let’s face it. There have to be at least one of my articles, right? Luckily, I wrote this piece some time ago, and while it covered just part of the growing cycle, it fits the list perfectly.

As I said, this article covers only harvesting and storing of rosemary, which is a logical sequel to the previous one listed. 

Top 10 Advices How To Grow Rosemary

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care


When it comes to form, this article is a bit shorter. This isn’t a bad thing because you can go through the whole piece in no time.

Instead of focusing on one subject, this article covers all essential aspects of growing and offers some great advice.

20 Unusual Ways To Use Rosemary That Goes Way Beyond Cooking

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care


Did you know that rosemary has more than one or two purposes? If you wish to grow this plant, you will want to use its full potential.

This article will show you a thing or two about rosemary which you probably didn’t know. All it is left is to read the article and find out what are those ways.

How To Propagate A Rosemary Plant From Stem Cuttings

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care


Although this title seems more fitting to the upper part of the article, consider that you have to grow rosemary first, to have cuttings.

Rachel did an excellent job on this one, dividing it into two parts, where you can learn something about preparation and actual procedure of propagating. Make sure you check it out.

Rosemary - Growing Rosemary Indoors

Top 6 articles about rosemary plant care


And last, but not least, this article deals with growing this beautiful plant indoors. Doing so is not difficult, but you have to look after a thing or two.

What surprised me the most is how much in detail this article goes. I’ve expected general info on this one, but this is certainly not the case.


So, here we are. I believe that these top 6 articles about rosemary plant care will have you covered and that you will learn a lot from those. In case that you have grown rosemary already, there’s no harm in revising gathered knowledge, right?

In case that you have some advice, thoughts or opinions on this matter, feel free to use the comment section below.

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