Tips For Building Soil And Having An Amazing Garden

Since I have started my blog, a few things kept repeating. Proper watering, saving ecosystems in Canada, and good soil. All of my articles which are on the subject of growing something have a part dedicated to improving the base of every garden – the soil.

In this article, I will give you some excellent tips for building soil, so that you can do some research on your own, and see which approach fits your needs.


Build Million Dollar Garden Soil

Tips for building soil

If I love something, that would be well-researched and explained article. One such is from Life is just ducky.

The author did an excellent job in pointing out different types of soil which may occur in your garden. Also, her attitude, “the soil is never good enough” is the right one. There’s always room for improvement.

8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Garden Soil For Free

Tips for building soil

Some people are wasting hundreds of dollars, to buy expensive fertilizer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This article is a proof of that.

Did you know that many things which we are throwing away can be a fantastic fertilizer? The article gives the list of all those, so what are you waiting?

Using Leaves For Composting

Tips for building soil

Well, the title explains it all, doesn’t it? But there’s more into this matter than just spreading the leaves in your garden.

Leaf compost, how to grind leaves and even leafmold are featured in this article. Once paired with clear instructions, they will give a fantastic result in your garden.

Using Banana Peels In The Garden For Fertilizer And Pests

Tips for building soil

Again, a self-explanatory title. And before reading, let me ask you, do you love bananas? If you do, you will stop throwing away the peels.

The whole story here revolves around potassium, it is clear. But, how to use banana peels in the garden, besides composting? Read to find out.

How To Make Easy Organic Soil Mix For Beginner Without Too Much Effort Or Tools

Tips for building soil

Well, almost every list of articles so far had at least one of my articles. This one does too.

I did my best to cover all the things which will be required to make a right soil mix. Also, I’ve tried to keep it as cheap as possible, so if you want to save a few dollars, take a look.

Why Is Learning How To Make Acidic Potting Soil For Acid-Loving Plants Vital For Every Gardener?

Tips for building soil

This article is included because of its unique theme. Namely, some plants love acidic soil, and you should must create appropriate conditions.

There are certain “do” and “don’t” things listed here, such as the usage of vinegar, which although recommended by some people won’t do the trick. Stick to those traditional ways instead.

7 Ways To Improve Your Garden Soil Naturally

Tips for building soil

The best way to improve soil is to imitate natural conditions as close as possible. Thus, this article will be useful.

Some of the things listed in the article are more or less well known. For example, chicken feathers are often overlooked and can be a great source of nitrogen. There’s one exotic item, however. Read on to see which one.

Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make

Tips for building soil

Where is the fun in buying fertilizer and distributing it? Since I don’t like the idea of cutting corners, here’s this article.

I agree with the author that there are far better ways to improve your soil than to sprinkle fertilizer over it. This article covers the basic ones, but also gives a few great recipes for manure tea.

Composting 101 – How To Start A Compost Pile

Tips for building soil

We’ve all been there. You want to start using compost, you know that it is great for vegetables, but you don’t know where to start. Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

This article written by Alyssa from Pure Living For Life will show you some things about how to make a compost bin, and start producing this wonderful ingredient. And don’t worry, it is super easy!

13 Things You Can’t Compost | What Not To Compost

Tips for building soil

Instead of telling you what to do, why not take a different perspective, and tell you what you CAN’T do?

To be honest, this article is not a challenge. It is a friendly recommendation on the matter of composting, and the things you must avoid, to keep your vegetables healthy. Some of them are common sense, but there are things which we tend to forget.

10 Ways To DIY Compost Bins

Tips for building soil

If you wish to improve the soil in your garden, you will need compost. And you can’t make compost, without compost bin.

Featuring some rather exciting designs, organized and distributed in the form of a slideshow, this article will help you to make your compost bin, or will at least spark your imagination.


As I promised, here are tips for building soil which you cannot and shouldn’t miss. Of course, if you wish to browse further, be my guest, but I don’t believe that you will find a better collection of articles to read.

In case that you have an opinion, thought or question, feel free to use the comment section below.

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