How To Store Cabbage And Have Them Whenever You Like

Some time ago, I was writing about the way to grow cabbage from seed, remember that? There, I have covered every aspect of the growing cycle, and there won’t be talking about this in the following article. 

However, I believe that since this veggie is sown in spring (about now), you need to know how to store cabbage. It is my motto that it is better to be safe than sorry, so this is precisely what I’m doing; preparing you.


What Will Be Required?


There are several ways of storing cabbage and depending on the period you wish to preserve it; you might need just a few bags or a shovel and a tarp. The second one is an excellent and exciting way, so I won’t spoil anything, it will be listed below.

But, there is one thing which you cannot without. Of course, it is cabbage. Whether you have bought it or grew yourself, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is healthy and good looking. Since this matter is a bit broad, let’s get to it right away.

How To Choose The Right Cabbage?

Choose The Right Cabbage

As I said, you have to know if the cabbage at your disposal is right for storing in the first place. Let’s begin with the more common situation, shall we?
Many people will buy cabbage for storing, and that is perfectly fine.

Of course, during shopping, inspect the heads closely. Sight and touch and main senses which will help you determine if it is good. The head has to be firm to the touch and to feel heavy in your hand.

Furthermore, the outer leaves have to be preserved and without bruises or cuts. It is far best if the leaves are tightly wrapped around the head, but if there are a few loose ones, it doesn’t matter, those will be removed.

When it comes to garden-grown cabbage, if you have watered vegetables correctly, there shouldn’t be any cracked and opened heads. If there are split ones, set them aside and use them first. Other than that, requirements are the same as with bought cabbage. Be careful when cutting the head from the stalk, that the cut is clean and flat.

If everything is as described, there should be beautiful, full, healthy-looking cabbage heads ready for storing.

The First Method – Short Term

store cabbage short term

In case that you want to store cabbage for a short period, there aren’t many things which will be needed. Also, this method is used for each time you have to save it for a few days.

Simply, take a ziplock bag or plastic wrapper and pack the cabbage (or what it is left from it) and put it into the refrigerator. This way, it can last for a couple of weeks, and in case of Savoy cabbage, only about a week.

Naturally, when you want to use it, peel off few of the outer leaves and throw them away use them for composting.

The Second Method – More Extended Period

store cabbage in long term

Now, we’re coming to that more exciting method. You will need a shovel, a tarp or large cardboard and straw. A lot of straw, in fact.

If you have ideal conditions (which is highly unlikely) in your basement for storing cabbage, it means that the temperature is in range of 32°-40°F with humidity at 95%. These conditions are the main reason on why people usually give up on storing.

Instead of the basement, dig a hole in your garden about 2½ feet deep and pad the walls and the floor with straw. This is best done in late autumn or early winter, once the frosts begin. Now, line the heads with cut parts pointing up and add a thick layer of straw on top of it. Use a tarp or other cover to protect it from freezing.

Naturally, when you need a cabbage during winter, just lift the cover, take as much as you need, place the straw again, and place the cover. The best thing about this storing method is that it will last for solid three or four months.


So, there it is. Learning how to store cabbage wasn’t difficult after all, was it? As always, if you know some interesting way for this procedure, feel free to share it by using the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy!

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  1. I love learning ways to preserve all the wonderful things we grow in our gardens. I usually feed most of the neighbourhood because I simply hate seeing it go to waste. I am known in our neck of the woods as the horn of plenty lady..for the baskets of fresh veggies I leave on neighbourhood porches. I could keep more if I knew better storage methods. Thanks for the info.

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