How To Harvest Dill And Store It For Later Use

Nicely prepared meals are real stress relief, at least to me. I believe that you also love to have something a bit extraordinary in your garden. However, storing spices and herbs can be tricky. Harvesting too, and because of that, here’s the article.

Below, I will show you some of the ways on how to harvest dill, why is this important, and how to store it properly afterward. Of course, this article is made a sequel to the one about how to grow dill


Which Road To Take?

what is dill

Generally speaking, there are two main ways to harvest dill. Both are super easy to learn and do but will depend on your current situation. Namely, you can use fresh dill, or to store it for later. Note that fresh one has a stronger kick, and will add more flavor. Fresh variety is easier to manage, but stored can be used when the first one is not available.

As I said, whichever approach you take, is entirely up to you. You can even make a compromise and have a couple of containers for current use throughout the year, and to store those from the garden.

What Will Be Needed?


Luckily, there aren’t many things which will be required to harvest dill. If you have gardening shears, you are well-equipped. Also, you will need large, white sheet or cardboard. If you don’t have that, kitchen cloth can do the trick.

Far more is important where you will put dried dill afterward. The best way to secure it to stay usable is to grind it and store in a glass, airtight jar. Metal and plastic have far worse preserving properties, so find a glass jar.

When To Harvest?

When to harvest

Again, depending on the condition of the dill you want to use, you can either pinch a few leaves from the foliage here and there as it grows. The only thing you need to look after is the number of leaves. Once there are at least 5 or 6 of them, you can start picking from time to time.

On the other hand, harvesting more significant quantities of it will require waiting for herbs to grow. Once the seeds start appearing, you can take shears, and start collecting. Of course, if you want, you can do it earlier, there is no strict deadline.

How To Harvest Dill?

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The procedure of collecting this herb is rather simple. Take shears, and start cutting. My preference is to cut smaller branches, but if you want to cut everything above ground level, you can; nothing holds you back. The stems can also be used, but I wanted to avoid harder parts of the plant.

As for casual use, pinching is easy; I believe that there is nothing special to say about this. You can pay attention to collect more mature leaves, which are usually positioned lower on the stem.

Is Preserving Dill A Hard Thing To Do?

how to store

This procedure is an easy one as well. Since fresh dill is used right away, there is no storing, so other two ways will include drying or freezing. But, one step at a time.

Remember that sheet I mentioned? Now is the time to use it. Spread it in the shade, where there is good air circulation. I have placed it on my porch in the backyard. Take harvested dill and distribute it evenly, so that there are no thick layers. This spreading is essential, since it enables air to circulate, and prevents mold to appear.

After dill is dried, which can take up to several days, collect it into a cloth, take a rolling pin and roll over the cloth to crush its content. Now just transfer it to the jar, and you are good to go.

As for freezing, after collecting dill, see that there is no soil or other debris, and throw it into a ziplock bag, remove air from the inside, and put it into the freezer. This way, you will have a fresh batch of dill whenever you want it. 


So, there it is. Now you know how to harvest dill, and as you can see, this is not such difficult task. All that is needed is a bit of good will and time. Other than that, I’m sure that you will find your way around. If not, return to the top of the page, and go through the article again.
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