Gardening Tips: How to Find the Right Professional Gardener Online


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Having a beautiful garden requires a lot of your time and effort. If you are not up for it but still wants an attractive yard, you should definitely hire a professional gardener. Getting a reliable one ensures that your yard is well-maintained all throughout the year.

However, finding the right one could be a challenge. If you end up with an unreliable one, it will cost you both your money and the overall state of your yard. Here are some excellent ideas to ensure you choose the right gardening company:

Where to Find a Gardener

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Before we go through the details on how to find a well-trusted gardening company online, make sure you consider other channels first. While finding services online is convenient, there are other sources that are more reliable.

A. Ask From Friends, Colleagues, and Neighbors

The best way to find a gardening company you can rely on is to ask from your friends, neighbors, and workmates. If you have noticed that they have beautifully manicured gardens, then you should definitely ask for recommendations.

Although their recommendations are most likely reliable, do not make decisions right away. Get several references and compare them. Keep in mind that while one gardening company works well with others, it won’t necessarily mean it’s the same with you. So list all of your options and learn more about them.

B. Check Local Gardens and Ask for Reference

If you don’t have someone close who can recommend a professional gardener, you can check the gardens within your area. If you find someone you like, you can ask the owners for the company’s contact information. Also, you can check your local directories for gardening companies. Contact them for further details and compare which you think you can best work with.

C. Do Some Online Research

Doing online research is your last resort if you can’t find any gardening companies within your area that passes your requirements. Although this is not as reliable, if done correctly, you can find the best gardening company that will give your yard a complete makeover.

How to Find a Reputable Gardener Online

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Now that you have decided to check gardening companies online, it’s essential that you do it the right way. It will take some of your time, but it will pay off in the end. Unable to find the right gardener will lead to disastrous results so make sure you do every step written below:

A. Use Search Engine and Look for Top Gardeners

Clearly, the first thing you need to do is to use a search engine to find top gardeners. However, it’s worth mentioning here as you must be careful when searching. You must type the right keywords to get better search results. A great way to find a gardening company near your area is to type “gardening company in [your location]” or “gardening company near me.” Prioritize the ones that are on top of the search results as they are on page 1 for excellent reasons.

B. Check the Company’s Website Design

Anyone can probably make a website today, thanks to all the helpful tools found on the internet. If it’s a single web page with flashy banners and huge phone numbers, it’s better that you stay away. The company’s website must look professional, easy to navigate, and rich with helpful content that helps you learn more about the company.

C. Read the Benefits They Offer

Professionals always include the benefits on their website to convince clients that they are better than competitors. They showcase their unique selling points and the perks they provide if you avail their services. Check these benefits if they’re crucial to your situation. One important benefit that you must not overlook is insurance. Make sure the company you choose has one.

D. Check Their Contact Information

Real professional gardeners will provide clients different ways to contact them. These could be a phone number, email, and even the address. Many websites now also have a chat box wherein you can directly chat with a company staff when visiting their website.

E. Check for Price Estimates

Gardening companies most likely cannot provide a specific price since yards have different needs. However, many companies have price tables to give you an estimate to let you know if they are ideal for your calculated budget.

F. Read Their Reviews

Many companies include reviews on their website. Although they’re not as reliable since some companies only show positive reviews, they’ll still help you give an idea of what the company is about. Aside from company reviews, search the company again on the internet and find some blogs that talk about the quality of service and customer satisfaction the company provides.

G. Request for Home Viewing

When you have decided which gardening company is the best, request them for a home visit. Most professionals do this as part of their services. This allows them to get a good look of your yard. You can explain to them clearly what you want and in turn, they’ll provide you with excellent suggestions to enhance your yard. They can also give you a better price estimate based on what you have discussed.

H. Check If They Have the Right Resources

The last step is to check if they have the proper resources to complete the work. They need to have enough manpower and several garden power machines to do the job more efficiently. For example, a wood chipper helps in managing trees, huge branches, and limbs better. A gasoline engine mini dumper helps in transporting things, such as wood and other gardening equipment, faster. Another example is a lawnmower that will cut grass properly and more evenly.

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