Gardening Tips: How to Find the Right Professional Gardener Online


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Having a beautiful garden requires a lot of your time and effort. If you are not up for it but still wants an attractive yard, you should definitely hire a professional gardener. Getting a reliable one ensures that your yard is well-maintained all throughout the year.

However, finding the right one could be a challenge. If you end up with an unreliable one, it will cost you both your money and the overall state of your yard. Here are some excellent ideas to ensure you choose the right gardening company:

Where to Find a Gardener

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Before we go through the details on how to find a well-trusted gardening company online, make sure you consider other channels first. While finding services online is convenient, there are other sources that are more reliable.

A. Ask From Friends, Colleagues, and Neighbors

The best way to find a gardening company you can rely on is to ask from your friends, neighbors, and workmates. If you have noticed that they have beautifully manicured gardens, then you should definitely ask for recommendations.

Although their recommendations are most likely reliable, do not make decisions right away. Get several references and compare them. Keep in mind that while one gardening company works well with others, it won’t necessarily mean it’s the same with you. So list all of your options and learn more about them.

B. Check Local Gardens and Ask for Reference

If you don’t have someone close who can recommend a professional gardener, you can check the gardens within your area. If you find someone you like, you can ask the owners for the company’s contact information. Also, you can check your local directories for gardening companies. Contact them for further details and compare which you think you can best work with.

C. Do Some Online Research

Doing online research is your last resort if you can’t find any gardening companies within your area that passes your requirements. Although this is not as reliable, if done correctly, you can find the best gardening company that will give your yard a complete makeover.

How to Find a Reputable Gardener Online

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Now that you have decided to check gardening companies online, it’s essential that you do it the right way. It will take some of your time, but it will pay off in the end. Unable to find the right gardener will lead to disastrous results so make sure you do every step written below:

A. Use Search Engine and Look for Top Gardeners

Clearly, the first thing you need to do is to use a search engine to find top gardeners. However, it’s worth mentioning here as you must be careful when searching. You must type the right keywords to get better search results. A great way to find a gardening company near your area is to type “gardening company in [your location]” or “gardening company near me.” Prioritize the ones that are on top of the search results as they are on page 1 for excellent reasons.

B. Check the Company’s Website Design

Anyone can probably make a website today, thanks to all the helpful tools found on the internet. If it’s a single web page with flashy banners and huge phone numbers, it’s better that you stay away. The company’s website must look professional, easy to navigate, and rich with helpful content that helps you learn more about the company.

C. Read the Benefits They Offer

Professionals always include the benefits on their website to convince clients that they are better than competitors. They showcase their unique selling points and the perks they provide if you avail their services. Check these benefits if they’re crucial to your situation. One important benefit that you must not overlook is insurance. Make sure the company you choose has one.

D. Check Their Contact Information

Real professional gardeners will provide clients different ways to contact them. These could be a phone number, email, and even the address. Many websites now also have a chat box wherein you can directly chat with a company staff when visiting their website.

E. Check for Price Estimates

Gardening companies most likely cannot provide a specific price since yards have different needs. However, many companies have price tables to give you an estimate to let you know if they are ideal for your calculated budget.

F. Read Their Reviews

Many companies include reviews on their website. Although they’re not as reliable since some companies only show positive reviews, they’ll still help you give an idea of what the company is about. Aside from company reviews, search the company again on the internet and find some blogs that talk about the quality of service and customer satisfaction the company provides.

G. Request for Home Viewing

When you have decided which gardening company is the best, request them for a home visit. Most professionals do this as part of their services. This allows them to get a good look of your yard. You can explain to them clearly what you want and in turn, they’ll provide you with excellent suggestions to enhance your yard. They can also give you a better price estimate based on what you have discussed.

H. Check If They Have the Right Resources

The last step is to check if they have the proper resources to complete the work. They need to have enough manpower and several garden power machines to do the job more efficiently. For example, a wood chipper helps in managing trees, huge branches, and limbs better. A gasoline engine mini dumper helps in transporting things, such as wood and other gardening equipment, faster. Another example is a lawnmower that will cut grass properly and more evenly.

11 Super Easy Plants To Start Growing This Fall

​Summer is already here, so your garden is already filled with various colors of different flowers, trees and vegetables that you’ve planted in the spring or winter. However, that doesn’t mean you should not plan what plants to seed now so they can start growing this fall, especially if you’re an apartment dweller in a terribly cold -- but affordable -- city like Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Although weather conditions can make planting difficult in the summer, early to late summer can actually be a perfect time to sown for a fall harvest. Of course, there are some plants that don’t need to be planted until the end of summer when weather gets cooler. However, many plants require 80 to 100 days to grow and need to be planted in early to mid summer for a fall harvest.

Not sure what crops to plant in the summer for a fall garden? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Today I’m going to share with you 11 super easy plants to start growing this fall.



Who doesn’t like to have fresh products on the table beyond summer months? This leafy green vegetable that is rich in minerals and vitamins can tolerate fall frosts, making it the perfect vegetable to seed in the summer and grow in the winter. If you plant it in the summer, make sure to harvest it from fall until the ground freezes in winter and to not overwater them.



Cabbage is another vegetable that likes to grow in the fall. Moreover, this green and crunchy vegetable is perfect choice for beginners. It is actually really easy to grow cabbage, you just need to follow a few simple rules and you’re going to have fresh cabbage from your garden at your table in the winter.

Plum Trees

Plum Trees

If you are a beginner gardener that wants to grow a fruit tree, plums are excellent first choice for you. They require less care than most other fruit trees. Most types require cross-pollination to produce fruit, so you need to plant more than one type. However, even if you are not successful at first try, plum trees themselves will add beauty to your garden.



Zucchini is one of those vegetables that you can use in many ways in your kitchen. You can use them raw for salads, fry them, grill them. Moreover, they go well together with almost any other vegetable or meat that you can think of. Same as kale and cabbage, zucchini is a plant that is not demanding and can be planted easily.



Because cucumbers are full of water, this vegetable is perfect for hot summer days. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t go well with your meals in the winter, especially when you get bored with other vegetables that are usual for winter. However, they are not winter friendly as other previously mentioned vegetables, so indoor growing is the only option if you want this treat available year-round.



Basil is one of the most popular and most used culinary herbs. Why would you buy basil when you can have it fresh from your garden or container at any time? You can grow basil both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure to have enough light and sun if you grow it indoors. If you decide to plant it outside into the soil, make that it is not too acidic.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

I know that many people don’t like this vegetable, especially kids. People usually eat it just because it is healthy. However, brussels sprouts that are seasoned and cooked properly can be quite delicious. You just need to find the right balance of seasoning and cooking in order to get the best taste and flavour. Since they are also easy to grow, you should give them a try. Believe me, you won't regret it.



When most of the garden plants have stopped growing in the winter, the chrysanthemums are the ones that will embellish your garden in the winter. There are various types of chrysanthemums in variety of colors, flower sizes, heights etc. They are one of the easiest plants to grow but make sure that they have at least 6 weeks before extremely cold weather.

Shasta Daisies


Although shasta daisy reminds many people of summer, it can last year round in many locations and enrich your garden the whole year. Moreover, shasta daisies are good choice for filling in bare spots in your garden. Maybe that is why it is believed that no garden is complete without these cheerful white petalled flowers with yellow centers.



Marigold is another flower that will enrich your garden with shades of gold, orange and red in summer and autumn. It became popular because of its ability to bloom brightly all summer. However, marigold will also keep on giving through autumn and early fall. If you don’t want your garden to fade with the change of season, this beginner friendly flower is a good choice.

Echinacea Purple Coneflowers

Echinacea Purple Coneflowers

Who would have thought that this beautiful flower can bloom in the fall? Although they are often cultivated in purple, coneflower also come in variety of different colors. Moreover, different coneflowers will cross-pollinated, so you may end up with interesting shades and colors if you plant those seeds.

Although gardening is fun and relaxing and worth the time and energy spent, there are so many thing that you need to learn. Beginners gardeners have difficulties with not only soil preparation, light requirements, fertilization but also with choosing the right plants to seed in the right season.

In my opinion, these 11 plants are super easy to plant in the summer so they can grow this fall and hope that I’ve made at least one part of your gardening easier. If you decide to seed these plants, you will not only have colorful garden in the fall but also various fresh vegetables at your table.

Best Tips And Tricks You Should Know For A Successful Succulent Growing

Amazing articles that cover everything about succulents

If you’re a beginner gardener who doesn’t have enough time to take care of their plants, succulents are a great choice. They are easy to maintain and can withstand without water much longer than other plants. Cacti are also succulents and we all know how they can be relatively resistant to hot and dry weather. 

However, that does not meant that it’s impossible to not grow them successfully. There are various factors that are important. That is why today I’m going to talk more about succulents, how to grow and maintain them so you can achieve some of the best results.

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How To Grow Artichokes And Benefit From This Delicious And Healthy Vegetable

how to grow artichokes

The artichoke is a gold mine of earthy, rich, hearty flavor vegetable with a texture and taste like no other.

An artichoke plant, which can spread into a silvery green fountain up to 6 feet across, makes a handsome, bold addition to any garden. Best of all - this gem of a vegetable can be grown much more efficiently and in a broader range of climates that you might expect.

I remember having dinner at my friend’s home and seeing an artichoke on my plate for the first time. I wondered how I am going to eat this intriguing vegetable and my friend’s mother showed me how to approach the task - I plucked the leaves, dipped them in melted butter and tugged the stem end through my teeth to draw off the tender meat. It was child’s play.

That was a long, long time ago, but I remember being entirely satisfied when all the leaves were gone. Then she told me about the hidden treasure- the tender artichoke heart.

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How To Grow Spinach In Containers – Build A Portable Garden!

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Spinach as one of the most nutritional vegetables is wanted in each private garden. I'm a big fan of spinach as a side dish and as a salad. I'm presuming you are also, and if you would like to have a few containers filled with spinach in your home as I do, then you're in luck! 

Since it is a cool-weather crop, learning how to grow spinach in containers is quite easy. Just assign a place for it in a shady spot in your home and get ready to sow!

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8 Beautiful Flowers To Grow Indoors This Summer

8 beautiful flowers to grow indoors this summer

I'm a big fan of flowers, and I like to have them as much as I can in my place. I used to buy them a lot, and then I found that growing them on my own is a lot more fun experience, and it feels much better when I help something grow instead of just bringing it home from the market.

Some plants can grow pretty fast indoors, and especially in the summer, so I came up with the list including 8 beautiful flowers to grow indoors this summer and add some colors to your home.

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How To Grow Celery – And Have A Helping Of Fresh Salad For Breakfast

how to grow celery

Celery is an incredible plant and a great addition to a complete breakfast. It can be added to soups, salads, or as garnishing and spice to almost any meal, it's that versatile. However, it can also be expensive to constantly buy sticks of celery at the supermarket.

Growing your own celery, on the other hand, costs much less and if you have a garden you can do it without much trouble at all! Today I'll be telling you all about celery and how to grow it in your garden so you can eat it every day!

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How To Grow Cilantro – And Make All The Mexican Dishes You Want

how to grow cilantro

Cilantro is a great, versatile plant that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Just look at Mexican cuisine, and all the things they manage to do with cilantro – and South Asian dishes aren’t lagging far behind.

If you want to have an abundance of cilantro in your kitchen at all times, the best thing you can do is grow it yourself! In this article, I’ll be telling you how to do just that, so stay tuned.

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How To Grow Tomatoes – Tasty And Healthy Produce Straight From Your Garden

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Ah, tomatoes – it doesn’t matter which way you pronounce their name because it won’t in the least affect the delightfulness of this fruit. Yes, the tomato is a fruit in case you didn’t know, and it just happens to be one of my favorites. This plant is cultivated in summer, and many like to eat it, but most don’t know how to grow it.

Now, this is where my article comes in as it thoroughly explains all that one needs to know about how to grow tomatoes in their garden. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

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How To Plant Cucamelons? A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

how to grow cucamelons

Have you ever seen a watermelon the size of a grape?

What if I tell you that it probably wasn’t a watermelon at all, but cucamelon, a cute, tangy fruit that comes from Mexico?

After focusing on different flowers and vegetables, I’ve decided to go wild and present you something completely different.

If you were wondering how to enrich your garden with something new, tasty and unexpected – cucamelon is my first suggestion.

I will help you learn how to plant it and take care of it.

With this guide, you will have a new fruit to add to your salads sooner than you think.

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