Finding The Best Hedge Shears – Cutting Through The Problem

Garden maintenance is one of the most troublesome jobs in existence. Not that it is hard and demanding physically, but I have a feeling that it drags and lasts about eternity. Especially when it comes to trimming the hedge. I know that it must be cut and that it is my responsibility, but somehow it feels like I have done half a yard and the afternoon is done. 

To avoid this, I wanted only the best. Therefore, here are the best hedge shears, so that you don’t have to lose an entire day doing one job.


What Are Hedge Shears?

Best Hedge Shears

We all know how scissors are working. Two blades joined in one spot, by pressing other ends of the blades and with the system of the lever, we cut things. Shears are in general, enlarged scissors, with more extended handles, so that less force is needed to trim the hedge.

Now, there are pruning shears, which are smaller, but curved and more robust, but we are not talking about those here. Hedge shears look like bolt cutters somehow. Also, they have angled blades, so your hands won’t get scratched while trimming the hedge.

What To Look For When Buying Hedge Shears?

Best Hedge Shears

To be honest, all hedge shears look the same to me. So, how could I make a difference between two models, and say which one is better? To resolve this, I have set specific rules. The rules and features which I have taken into consideration to determine the winner are as follows.

The Length

Both the blade and the handles have their length. The things are simple here, in fact; the longer the handles are, and less force is required to input to cut branches and grass. Of course, if the handles are too long, they might be inaccurate. 

The length of the blades influences the area one swing can cover. Short ones, for example, will require more cuts to trim the hedge than the long one. Of course, long ones need more force to operate, so balancing these was essential for me when looking for a winner.

The Versatility

Not every time the situation is the same in my garden. Sometimes, I had to trim hedge alongside the road, which is that tedious, long work which requires more extended shears, while sometimes I had to trim those shorter bushes, which are close to the ground, and which need shears with overall shorter length.

Adjustable bars are far the best in these cases. Those who can do both of these jobs are considered as the most versatile because there is no need to have longer and shorter shears. One pair can do both tasks. Also, those shears which have to adjust bolt to loosen or tighten the blade are also considered as good.

The Material

It is also essential which material has the manufacturer used to make the shears. Since the task for which they are made is difficult, it leaves no room for compromises when it comes to durability. The blades must be made of top-notch quality steel which will last long without sustaining damage.

As for the handles, they too must be made of steel which is resistant to bending and twisting. Robustly built and excellent handling are not just wanted, those are essentials. Of course, to have good control over cuts, both ends of the handles must be wrapped with rubber, which besides giving stability will also absorb the shock from the cut. This reduces tiring in the long term.

The Price

As with all of my reviews, the matter of money is important. Since shears are not something you are going to buy every season, some investment is required to be made. Some of the manufacturers will charge too much on this account, considering that you are aware that investing in good shears is normal.

Although this is true, there is no need to spend an insane amount of money on shears. What truly matters is the price-quality ratio. Always keep in mind what are you getting and the price of it. Surely, if a product is of the top-shelf quality, and costs a bit much, consider buying it, because it will outlast those cheaper ones.

The Products

So, after searching for some time on the Internet, I have set aside some of the products, tested them, and here they are. As always, I have divided them into different categories, so you may choose the one which fits you the best at this moment.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Winner

TABOR TOOLS Extendable Hedge Shears


Price on Amazon: from $48.00

There is a reason why I think that these shears from Tabor Tools are the best available at the moment, and that would be quality.

With a somewhat standard length of 25”, these shears are convenient for small bushes which I have mentioned. On the other hand, once extended to 35” it was much easier for me to cut a bit thicker branches and reach further. Of course, extending didn’t sacrifice the stability; once the handles are prolonged, the feeling was the same.

As for the material, both the blades and the shears are made from top-notch steel alloys which are covered in non-stick coating, so the leaves and the juices from the trees and branches won’t slow down the process of trimming. The blades are also wavy, so there is less probability that the branch will slip or escape (I hate when this happens) from it. 

The shock absorbing bars are made of quality rubber, and are perfectly balanced; not too stiff to scratch my hands, nor too soft to slip. After a few hours, I felt less tired than with my old shears.

For a product this well-made, I have expected that it will be more expensive. However, the price is more than suitable. It costs some 5$ more than models from the competition, but the quality is so transparent and visible that it looks to me that others are overpricing.


  • Great stability
  • Quality-made blades
  • Excellent shock absorbing bars
  • Good price
  • Last long
  • Extendable bars


  • No downsides noted


Wilfiks Hedge Shears


Price on Amazon: $28.77

Some models remain good, with adequate price, but their quality is not sufficient in the first place. This one from WilFiks is just like that.

The first thing which I have noticed about this model was the material. Although the blades look and perform quite well and there was no objection about that, the metal used for making handles looks and feels a bit brittle. While remaining durable and will probably last a few years, it seems that it will not last as long as the winner, because of cheaper material.

Its length of 25” is not changeable which I have considered as the drawback; I had some taller trees which needed shaping, so I had to use ladders. Still, the cutting was easy and effortless, since it also has adjustable blades, which are also wavy, to prevent branches escaping. On the other hand, grips on the bars were too flat; there were no notches which should improve handling.

As for the price, it is low, but considering that there is no option for extending the bars, it is considered as high. Overall quality did not match the price, so I believe that ti should be at least 5-10$ cheaper.


  • Quality-made blade
  • Blades are also wavy
  • Soft and comfortable grips
  • Decent regarding quality


  • Non-extendable bars
  • exclamation-triangle
    Price should be a bit lower


ARS HS-KR1000 – A Real Diamond



Price on Amazon: $79.76

Although this model doesn’t feature any diamonds, its overall look and quality had reminded me of one.

This model from ARS doesn’t care about fancy things such as extendable bars and similar, all of those were cast aside in favor of pure quality. And that class is more than apparent. The whole bar up to the blade is made of one-piece heavy duty and resistant steel alloy. It is also full metal bar instead of hollow one which is featured in other models.

This gives a bit strange design to these shears, because they look so fragile and brittle, but they are in fact the strongest and most resilient ones on this list.

With almost 26” in length, because of their thin and elegant design, they look longer than they are. You may think that for using these shears a ladder will be required, but you would be wrong. This one is not intended for branches and trees; ground-level bushes and fine trimming are jobs in which this model will overshadow others.

Despite lack of standard over-the-bar grips, it remains comfortable to the touch, and I haven’t felt tired after some time. I firmly believe that this is because of the blades; they are so good that you feel no resistance and just keep on trimming.

The price is high, to be honest, but take a look once more at this model. Superior sharpness, design which doesn’t leave room for compromises and at least five years of service (personal judgment) are definitely worth the money.


  • Bars are made of full metal
  • Top-notch quality blades
  • Thin and elegant
  • Superior durability


  • A bit pricey, but the quality makes it worth the purchase




Price on Amazon: $24.99

In case that you have just a few bushes in your garden or yard, this model is perfect for you.

Regarding material used, the blades of this Vovoly model look decent at least. As for the material used for other parts, I didn’t like its thin design; it seems too unreliable to me, especially if you have a lot of work to do. A few trims here and there is all which this model is capable of doing. Furthermore, the blades are straight, so there will be some escaping by the branches.

It is a bit shorter model, with 22.4” of length, so this is one more proof that the manufacturer aimed for gardeners which are growing smaller bushes. However, I liked the handles. They may be flat, but the rubber is well-made, so slipping and discomfort were minimal.

As for the price, it is the lowest of all featured on this list. It is understandable why it is so. Simply put, this model is intended for people with just a few bushes here and there, which don’t want to spend a fortune on maintenance.


  • Cheap
  • Quality-made blades
  • Comfortable handles


  • The blade is straight
  • exclamation-triangle
    Non-extendable bars
  • exclamation-triangle
    The quality of materials used is below average

ARS Hedge Shears HS-K900Z – Aim For The Stars

ARS Hedge Shears HS-K900Z


Price on Amazon: $69.99

If you have tall shrubs or similar trees, there is no need to carry ladders with you. This model from ARS does everything.

The first thing I have noticed is the design. Thin, elegant made of aluminum, this model is not intended for cutting thick branches. If other models from this list are machetes, this one is a scalpel. Designed for precise cutting and shaping, it will go exactly where you want it to. Because of that, the blade is shorter and weaker. This is also the reason why there are no pads on bars; they are not needed because the job for which these shears are intended is not heavy.

Also, it is noticeable the length of the bars. It can go up to incredible 41” which made me able to reach every tree I wanted, without much problem. Of course, in standard length, it is excellent for sensitive bushes which don’t need heavy-duty devices.

As for the price, it a bit higher than expected, but still, considering that this model plays by its own rules, and is great at what it does, it can be considered for purchase.


  • Incredible length
  • Elegant
  • Precise
  • Lightweight


  • The quality of the material should be a tad better


When everything is taken into consideration, I believe that you will agree with me that TABOR TOOLS Extendable Hedge Shears are rightfully chosen as the winner. Those are the best hedge shears available regarding quality, reliability, and price. They fairly beat the competition, and are overall a great purchase for almost every gardener.

In case that you disagree with me, I’d love to hear why. Also, there is a comment section below where you can leave your thoughts, advice or opinions.

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