Best Gardening Articles You Should Read In March

As you undoubtedly know, I’m itching for some time to get things moving in my garden. Of course, right preparation is a job half done.

Therefore, here are the best gardening articles you should read in March. I did my best to organize them by theme, but I believe that you will manage to find your way around.


7 Secrets To Have A Continuously Productive Vegetable Garden

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? There are certain things you have to do, to keep your garden productive. This article will give you precisely that.

I loved that part of the article where the author mentions that you should build a cold frame. This is something that I have avoided to do so far, but things might change. Also, encouraging you to try new plants is also more than welcome.

19 Things To Do Before You Plant Your Spring Garden

Another article to have in mind before the soil is ready, this one is aimed at this period. During March you can plant some but not all plants and vegetables.

The article does a decent job in listing all of those things you have to think about while planning and organizing things. Knowing something upfront can save you a lot of trouble later.

Put These 8 Things In Your TOMATO Planting Hole For The Best Tomatoes Ever

Well, that’s a strange title, is it not? I mean, what else can go into the hole where tomatoes are planted beside seeds and soil?

I’ll give you just one item from this list. Aspirin. Yes, you read that well. You can give your plants a boost by using this drug. And there are more of similar advice in the article.

Best Vegetables To Grow In Pots | Most Productive Vegetables For Containers

Some vegetables and plants can be grown in gardens, while others just thrive in containers. I have written about this matter, and you know what my attitude is.

I have never tried growing carrots in containers, but after this article, I will certainly going to try. Oh yes, and okra. I will try those as well. Read more...

Get Fresh: Growing Microgreens Indoors For Year-Round Salads

Growing herbs and plants which can be used fresh from the garden is on the rise in the past decade. Because of a healthier lifestyle, people are turning to microgreens.

This article will provide you with valuable info on how to grow these small, but healthy and tasty little guys. Even better, you can do it in your home!

24 Best Drought Tolerant Plants That Grow In Lack Of Water

Although it is true that water is an essential thing needed for plants to grow, some of them need less of it.

All of the plants featured in this article need a bare minimum of water, and this means that you can grow them without worrying that they will wilt and die. Read more...

15 Vegetable Seeds You Should Plant In March

There are some plants which will thrive when planted in March, and why not feature an article which nicely presents you with those eligible?

The article is well organized, divided into sections depending on the type of vegetables so that you can find your way around easy. Also, it offers a rather good explanation of zones of hardiness.

How To Grow Amazing Alliums

Do you love odd-looking flowers? I certainly do, and this is the main reason for why I’m listing this article.

Alliums are perhaps less famous, but still, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and grow them. In the end, this article gives an excellent overview of what will be needed to have the most beautiful alliums in the neighborhood.

Make Your Raised Organic Garden Beds A Success

This article is not strictly a DIY one, but I think that it will fit nicely here. Raised garden beds are more than welcome for gardeners who cannot spare a lot of money, to do some landscaping.

However, making a raised bed and make it successful are entirely different things. By following the article, you will make yours thriving in no time!

Vertical Gardening: How To Grow Up In Your Garden

I believe the author put this part “grow up” on purpose. So, I see what you did there, Sarah, good one! And the article is more than that.

The main advantage of this guide is that it offers broad specter of knowledge. From which plants to use overall tips and tricks on how to save as much space as possible.

25 Indoor Succulent Diy Project Ideas

This article can be nicely combined with the one about drought-tolerant plants. Since you know how to grow them, you can add your personal imprint by making something lovely out of them.

Although the article features more images than one would think, it is actually a good thing. You have to see what are you going to make, do you?


Well, here we are. These are the best gardening articles you should read in March, to have a thriving and beautiful garden.

As always, in case that you have some ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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