The Best Garden Hose There Is – Spraying To Successful Gardening

I believe that for every gardener, there is no worse thing than dry weather. Luckily, since humanity grows vegetables, we have learned that proper watering is of the essence. Now, to avoid dragging buckets filled with water, someone invented a gardening hose (and thank him for that). It makes us capable of watering without too much effort. 

But why to buy an ordinary one? The best garden hose is required for the very best results. Therefore, here is this article.

Best Garden Hose


The Basics

Best Garden Hose

Connect a rubber hose with the water source, point toward the garden, open the valve, and that it is. This is the usage of a garden hose in one sentence. But, is there anything else to be told?

Most common usage of the watering hose is that for supplying plants and vegetables with this precious liquid. But, I’m using the same hose for car washing, bathing my dog or cooling off the roof of the house during summer months. It is clear how important it is to have a proper hose, so it is understandable why I have insisted on the best one available.

How To Know Which One Is Good?

Best Garden Hose

Frankly, I thought that hose is just a hose, no fuss about that. But, once I started looking into this matter, I realized that there are specific factors which are determining the quality of the hose. Therefore, I had to set those which are vital in this competition. Those rules and characteristics are as follows.


The Length

Depending on how many exterior spigots you have, you will choose the length of the hose. In general, they are made of 50 or 25 feet variety, which is pretty decent for the average household. Of course, I have several spigots, so nothing longer than that was needed.

Too short hose will make you unable to water everything you need to, but also long is not good neither. It represents quite the burden, and since the majority of it won’t be unwrapped, it will deteriorate in this section quite soon.


The Material

A few years ago, all garden hoses were made of some form of rubber. Indeed, rubber is perhaps the most adequate for molding and shaping, and it remains resistant to water. Luckily, the technology used to make a hose has advanced.

Today, hoses are made of several layers of rubber or latex and metal “web” which is inserted between layers and prevents bursting. This also prolongs the serving time of the hose.

As for the connectors, if you have read my guides on sprinklers and garden sprayers, you will know that aluminum and brass are considered as the best choices for parts which include prolonged periods in contact with water. The situation is the same in this case. Plastic is not as welcome.


The Joints

Since hose has to be connected somehow to the water source, there are parts at each end which are called joints. There are several types of these connectors, and each is good in its way.

Generally speaking, I can separate them into two broad groups. Joints with click system are fast to attach, but since they have movable parts, their time of service is shorter. Those with the screw are connected much tighter and will last longer, but they also need more time to connect.


The Price

Of course, the matter of money was important while I was testing those hoses. I didn’t want to splash the cash (pun intended), but I didn’t want to save money on gardening equipment. Therefore, this is the point I actively represent.

If you consider that something is well-made, and costs a bit more, buy it. It will probably serve you long enough to call it rentable. On the other hand, if you need something quickly, and to be a short-term solution, then you may consider those cheaper ones.


The Temperature

Since the majority of garden hoses are used for watering, their working temperature is thus limited from 30 to 100°F. Those which can withstand higher or lower temperatures are considered the best.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I have watered my garden with ice cubes (not the rapper), but that material from which the hose is made is more resistant to expanding and shrinking which ultimately leads to the appearance of cracks and bursts.

The Products

So, without further delay, here are my products for which I can claim that they are the best of the best. I have picked five which are fitting specific situations and needs. If you have extra money which needs to be spent on upgrading your equipment, upgrade pick is for you. On the other hand, if you need the best of the best, number one is your safest bet.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Winner

Parker PR5825 – heavy-hitting champion

Parker PR5825


Price on Amazon: from $26.99

If you wish quality electronics, choose military-grade. If you want a right hose, find that which is fitted to be used in the construction yard.

The first thing I have noticed about this model from Parker Hannifin is the color. It is plain black, with signs of reinforcement under the top layer. Although many manufacturers are stating that they make rubber hoses, this is rare one which looks and feels like real and sturdy rubber. It is thick and heavy, built to endure extreme conditions.

Speaking of conditions, it is made for a temperature range between -40°F to +180°F which is a lot more than others. This means that even if you forgot to drain it, it won’t burst from expanding ice. Also, it stays flexible at low temperatures. It is 25 feet long, which might be short, but considering that you could probably buy two and join them, it is not that bad.

The fittings are made of nickel, which was a surprise for me since this metal is even more resistant to water and intense sunlight. There are two different connectors, male and female, so it is quite versatile.

Perhaps the most delightful surprise about this model was its price. It was so low that I couldn’t believe it. Considering the top-notch quality and heavy duty appearance, the price seems almost trivial.


  • Very low price
  • Nickel-made connectors
  • Highly resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Thick and durable rubber
  • One year warranty


  • Nothing bad noted


Craftsman 25ft x 5/8in Premium – almost the winner

Craftsman 25ft x 5/8in Premium


Price on Amazon: $33.33

Another heavy-duty hose, this time from Craftsman. It is placed as 2nd just barely, and this is perhaps the toughest choice I had to make.

Like the winner, this model is also made of reinforced rubber, and it seems and feels heavy and resistant. 25 feet in length is somewhat short, but since I have a valve on every corner, I could manage. Speaking of rubber, it has slightly smaller temperature range (-25°F to 160°F), and this is one of the reasons why it is placed second.

The fittings are made of nickel and are resistant to breaking. There were no leaks noted since it fits perfectly and effortlessly.

As for the price, it is somewhat high and is the second thing which made me place it in this spot. I feel that manufacturer could go with at least 10$ smaller price, and that would much better reflect the quality of the product. On the other hand, the lifetime warranty is there to assure you how reliable this model is.


  • Heavy-duty rubber is used
  • Nickel connectors
  • Good temperature range
  • Reinforced
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Should be a bit cheaper


Luiswell 50foot Metal Garden Hose – metal all the way!

Luiswell 50foot Metal Garden Hose


Price on Amazon: $119.99

Another great design (since I love them so much) comes from Luiswell. Imagine that you take considerable shower hose, and start watering garden with it. Although it sounds ridiculous, it works well.

Full metal coverage of the hose is the most apparent when you look at this model. Made of movable stainless steel spiral, this model can physically get tangled or twisted. Also, my dog used to chew hoses regularly, but this one wasn’t easy to crack. It is also resistant to bursts and overall damage from the outside.

Speaking of stainless steel, I had a feeling that the manufacturer invested quite the money in making one of these. Connectors made of brass look and feel heavy and sturdy. I’ve dropped hose with plastic connectors several times, and it cracked almost instantly. With this hose, this is an impossible scenario.

As for the price, it is high, but since I have bought the most durable and sturdy model available, I can freely say that this is an investment. My prediction is that it will outlast any other model by double at least, so this is, therefore, a great investment.


  • Stainless steel outer layer
  • Brass connectors
  • Steel sprayer
  • Standard 50 feet long


  • A bit pricey, but it is understandable why


Gardener's Supply Company Featherweight Garden Hose


Price on Amazon: $15.96

Some manufacturers are making good products at low price. Gardener's Supply Company is one of them.

Their model Featherweight is made of somewhat cheaper materials. The hose includes PVC and polypropylene, which are lightweight, but their serving time is much shorter. Also, those are not as resistant to wearing and tearing as rubber is. Still, they have reinforced it, which is a useful feature, since it prolongs serving time a bit.

As for the connectors, they are made of zinc plated with chrome. Although they are not of brass or nickel as I would like it, they are still made of metal, and won’t crack easily. Speaking of connectors, I feel that they are somewhat short since the part which is attached to the hose is very small. I haven’t noticed leaks, but I believe that this is the weakest spot on this 25 feet long hose.

The price is of course, low, but once again, the manufacturer had managed to balance the quality and the money needed to make it. If you are in a hurry and need a hose right now, this is your choice.


  • Cheap
  • Surprisingly well-made
  • Reinforced
  • Metal connectors


  • Isn’t made of rubber
  • exclamation-triangle
    Fittings are too short

Water Right 500 Series – long, longer, this one!

Water Right 500 Series


Price on Amazon: $124.95

In case that you have only one outer valve, this model is specially designed for you.
With stunning 100 feet in length, this hose will cover the ground you wish to water. It is made of quality polyurethane, and there are no traces of lead which can often be used in the process of making a hose.

Therefore, it is safe to drink from, and I’m assured that my vegetables are getting the cleanest water as possible.

The fittings are coming in two varieties, chromed or stainless steel-made. Both are nicely made, since metal is essential for these connectors, and there were no leaks noted. One end is female while the other is male, so you can use it with whichever valve you have.

The price seems high at first, but once you take into consideration that this hose is four times longer than some others on this list, it becomes quite affordable.


  • Very long
  • Lightweight
  • Metal-made connectors
  • Safe to drink from


  • Not very resistant to high temperatures


The bottom line is that Parker PR5825 is an absolute winner of this mini contest. The best garden hose can be that which is intended for construction area, and this model is the proof of this claim. It is the most resistant, reliable and long-lasting of all listed here.

In any case, if you have any advice, opinion or question, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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