The Best Garden Hose Reel Available – An In-Depth Guide

Some time ago, I was writing about regular garden hoses and those which can extend. Having hose in the first place makes things a lot easier regarding watering, but storing can be a bit troublesome. Somehow, I have a feeling that I’m tripping over a hose each time I step into the garage.

To avoid this, I needed something to hold it. Therefore, here is the best garden hose reel available, so that you won’t trip over hoses ever again.


What Is A Hose Reel In The First Place?

What is a hose reel

To put it simply, hose reel is a device or a tool which is used to reel in the hose and set it aside when you are not using it. The principle of work is simple; you have a large tube with bordering metal which prevents the hose from falling on the side.

Of course, there are several approaches to this, but the basic concept hasn't changed much. There are those which can are mounted on the wall, others are hand-held, and the third have the stand, which makes them mobile.

How To Know Which One Is The Best?

How to choose garden hose

With the Internet which exploded in the past decade, there are trillions of choices, so it is difficult to make the right one. To avoid getting lost, I had to set specific rules, which had served me as a landmark on the road to finding the best one. These rules were as follows.

Which Material Is Used?


One of the most important things when it comes to hose reels is the quality of the material which is used to make it. Since hoses can be cumbersome when bundled together, it is vital for the reel to be durable and sturdy enough to sustain this weight. If there are water connectors featured, those must be made of metal, since plastic will break easily.

Some manufacturers are trying to make a profit, so they include cheap materials, or save on anti-rusting coating while keeping prices at a high level at the same time. This is what I have tried to avoid.

Is It Easy To Use?

Eassy to use

How specific device or tool is easy or hard to operate is another vital information. Some devices are sporting complicated and unnecessary parts which are making their usage difficult. This is considered as a flaw. To be honest, additional features are useful to have, but too much is a liability instead of an advantage.

Also, how hard it would be to reel in the hose matters. If you get dead tired after reeling in the hose, in time, this will become boring, and eventually, you will stop using it. It is far better to do so with as less effort as possible.

What Is Its Capacity?


Of course, not all reels are compatible with all hoses, especially when it comes to length of the hose. Naturally, longer hoses will require reels which can sustain them regarding weight and space. If the hose is too long, it will fall on the side or will break the spool off the wall because of its weight.

On the other hand, if you are using shorter hose than it is recommended, you won’t have drawbacks. There will be unused space on the reel, but it doesn’t make any difference, you will still be able to use it.

Are There Any Additional Features?

Additional features

As I said, if reel has more features than it is common, it can be both advantage or disadvantage, depending on how useful they are. For example, many reels have water connector, so you connect the reel with the tap, and hose with the reel. This is great since you don’t need to unwind the whole length of it.

But, if features which are included are more trouble than usefulness, it is considered as a drawback. The warranty and some kind of present from the manufacturer is always good to have, so if you see one, go for it.

How Much Will It Cost Me?


There is a funny thing about the price. A lot of people are guided by the wrong system; they find something expensive and automatically are considering that item to be great. This is opposite of what I have looked for.

My goal was to find the reel which is good regarding quality and to remain as cheap as possible at the same time. Of course, if such thing isn’t possible, I can recommend you to look after the quality and price ratio, and after that the height of the price. Eventually, hose reel is not something which is bought weekly; it is an investment.

The Products

Without further delay, here are the products which I’m thinking to be the best of the best. As always, I have divided them into several categories. According to your current situation and your preference, you can make a choice.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Winner

Eley / Rapid Hose Reel Model 1041 – Top Notch Quality

Eley/Rapid Hose Reel Model 1041


Price on Amazon: 

If you read my previous reviews, you know that in my world, quality is everything. This case is not different.

The first thing I have noticed about this model from Rapid Reel is its quality. The metal which is used for making this reel is quite thick and robust and looks reliable. This variety is made to be mounted on the wall, and mounting hardware is made with clear intention to sustain the weight. Also, fittings are made of brass, which is one of the best materials to use where water is included.

As for capacity, it can sustain either 150 ft of 5/8” hose or 100 ft of ¾” variety. These are taken only as estimations, although in general it can be used with whichever hose you have. Speaking of hoses, this model features inlet for connecting with a water source, so I didn’t have to unwind the whole length of it, to use it. 

Also, it is quite versatile, since it can be mounted sideways or parallel with the wall, so you can choose which way fits better your needs. Unwinding and reeling are not tricky tasks since it glides effortlessly, and I didn’t need to push with all my strength.

The price is high at first sight, but if I take into consideration that it is reliable, and it works amazingly, I can say that it is not that bad; ultimately, the price reflects the quality correctly in this case.


  • Durable and strong
  • check
    Top-notch quality of materials used
  • check
    Brass fittings
  • check
    Can be mounted in parallel or sideways on the wall


  • It doesn’t come assembled, but with the instruction manual, you will manage


Strongway Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel


Price on Amazon: $99.99

There are products which are good, but not good enough to be placed 1st. This one is just like that.

For this model from Strongway, second place is appropriate. There are several reasons for doing so, but the most apparent is the material used. Although fittings are made of quality brass, it was the reel itself which looked cheap to me. It looks like it is made of tin, but in fact, it is not that cheap. It is an undisputable fact that shape and thickness of metal used are not the best possible, and because of that, I’m placing it as second.

As for capacity, it is standard and can support 100 ft of ¾” variety or 150 ft of 5/8” hose. It was more than enough for my everyday needs. Of course, it is tested with 150 PSI, which is also suitable for average users.

This model as well can be mounted either in parallel or sideways on the wall and can be reeled by left-handed or right-handed person equally efficient. The support for attaching to the wall is nicely made and is apparently meant to last long.

The price of this reel is lower than the one of the winner, but concerning lesser quality, I can freely say that it is suitable for it. In any case, if you wish to buy good, but not exquisite hose reel and not to spend a fortune in the process, this one is for you.


  • Support for the wall is excellent
  • check
    Brass fittings
  • check
    Can be used by left-handed person and by right-handed
  • check
    Good price


  • The quality of the reel is just tad below required


Eley / Rapid Reel Model #1043 – Burn Some Rubber!

Eley / Rapid Reel Model #1043


Price on Amazon:

Not one, but two models from the same manufacturer are featured on this list, which speaks how serious they are regarding quality.

In case that you have a large area to cover, you will need several hose reels. But why doing so, when you can have one, which can be moved around? Model #1043 is fitted with cast construction with wheels which can be pulled around for easier access. Because of that, no drilling is required, and I can say that making it mobile and using quality materials along the way is the recipe for success.

The tires and construction are made of the best materials which are resistant to falling and damage, so it will undoubtedly outlive the competition. Also, connectors are made of brass and nickel which provides long-lasting service. On top of that, the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty.

It can sustain 150 feet of 5/8” of hose, which is standard, but when mobility is taken into consideration, it is clear that you can do whatever is needed with just one hose.

The price is high, there is no arguing, but when the quality of the product, its features and usability are taken into consideration, it is clear that the price is high only when compared to others. By itself, it is fitting.


  • Mounted on wheels, and can be relocated
  • check
    Sturdy and durable construction
  • check
    10-year warranty
  • check
    Brass and nickel fittings


  • Price seems high, but the quality justifies it


Suncast SMW200 Mocha – Cheap And Fits Everywhere

Suncast SMW200 Mocha


Price on Amazon: from $87.64

I’ll be honest about this model. It looks strange, and it is a bit robust, but its affordable price is what puts it here.

As I said, not all reels are mounted on walls. This model, for example, looks like a piece of furniture. The lid opens so that you can put the reel with the hose inside. Of course, since the material used is plastic, the price is very low.

What was a surprise for me, is that I thought it would be difficult to move it around, but it wasn’t. Surely, it can be relocated in several turns, but it is made not to be mover around anyway. The manufacturer opted for unusual design, so if you have chairs in the backyard which will fit in with this model, all the better.

As for capacity, to my surprise, it can house whooping 225 feet of hose, which is more than enough for occasional watering. Somehow, I got the feeling that it is intended for backyard usage. Also, the presence of guiding system adds up to this.

The price of this model is almost trivial, but you won’t get top-of-the shelf quality since it is entirely made of plastic which can become brittle and fragile after long hours under the Sun. Therefore, if you wish cheap model which won’t fall apart after two weeks if kept in the shade, this model is for you.


  • Huge hose capacity
  • check
    Guiding system
  • check
  • check
    Interesting look
  • check
    Doesn’t need to be attached to the wall


  • Fully made of plastics
  • exclamation-triangle
    Susceptible to sunlight

1.	Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Garden Hose Reel


Price on Amazon: $93.59

In case that you want an unusual design for your hose reel, Liberty Garden got you covered.

The first thing I noticed about this model is its design. Made of cast aluminum, with ornamental sides, it looks antique and beautiful. It surprised me that some manufacturers care about the visual impression of this otherwise neglected device. The material of which this model is made is sturdy and robust, and once attached to the wall; it stays fixated.

The capacity of this reel is somewhat smaller; it can sustain 125 feet of 5/8” hose, which is suitable for flower watering. Still, I believe that its superb construction can support more weight, but this is just a presumption, I haven’t pushed it to the limit.

What also got my attention is the easiness of reeling, the big handle was pleasant to touch, and the manufacturer also included a shelf on top so that various things can be left there. I used it for leaving my phone since I don’t want it to get wet.

The price is surprisingly low, and I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with this model when it is so affordable? Luckily, no flaws or omissions were noticed, so if you wish to decorate your backyard, this model is perfect for you.


  • Ornamental design
  • check
    Cast aluminum provides excellent support
  • check
    Easy to use-Shelf on top for leaving various items
  • check


  • The design can be repulsive to someone; tastes differ, after all


When everything said is taken into consideration, I can say without a doubt that Eley / Rapid Hose Reel Model 1041 is an absolute winner. It won, fair and square regarding usability and quality. 

The overall impression about this model is that it deserves to be the winner. Therefore, this is the best garden hose reel which you can buy, and if you decide to do so, you definitely won’t regret it.

All your thoughts, opinions and advice can find their place in the comment section below, so don’t be shy, sharing is caring!

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