Best Tips And Tricks You Should Know For A Successful Succulent Growing

If you’re a beginner gardener who doesn’t have enough time to take care of their plants, succulents are a great choice. They are easy to maintain and can withstand without water much longer than other plants. Cacti are also succulents and we all know how they can be relatively resistant to hot and dry weather. 

However, that does not meant that it’s impossible to not grow them successfully. There are various factors that are important. That is why today I’m going to talk more about succulents, how to grow and maintain them so you can achieve some of the best results.


How To Grow Succulents From Seed

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It is possible to grow succulents from cuttings and leaves. However, I recommend growing them from seeds, especially if you want species that are more rare. 

There a couple for thing you should know before sowing. Succulents require good water draining so you should get planting container that has lots of holes at the bottom. Also, make sure you scatter the seeds with enough space between them. After you’ve scattered them, cover the tray with humidity dome or shower cap until they start sprouting and remove it as soon as they do.

Common Mistakes That Make Succulents Die

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Although succulents are known for easy growing and maintenance, it is quite often for growing to be unsuccessful. The most common mistakes that people usually make are:

  • check
    You’re watering them too much
  • check
    Your planting tray is too small and doesn’t provide good drainage
  • check
    Not enough warmth
  • check
    They are stuffed to closely in the tray
  • check
    Your soil isn’t nutrient rich
  • check
    You need to transplant them

What Is The Best Potting Soil For Succulents?

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The best soil for sowing succulents is the one that is pesticide free and with good draining. There are already pre-prepared soils for succulent sewing but you can also make potting soil on your own.

If you want to make it on your own, consider using perlite, tree bark and peat moss since they have good water draining. Moreover, avoid using garden soil because it reduces aeration. Also, the soil shouldn’t be too loose. 

How To Water Succulents?

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You probably already know that succulents don’t need too much water. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know a few simple tips about succulents watering

Before sowing, make sure that the soil is already wet. This way the scattered seeds will stay in place. When succulents start to germinate, is it important not to water them too much. Make sure that plants do not sit in the water and that the sand is completely dried before the next watering.

How To Decorate Your Garden With Succulents?

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Now that you’ve successfully grown succulents, the next thing is the one that is most fun and most anticipated - decorating your garden with succulents. There are various ideas that you can find on the internet. 

Succulents come in various shapes, sizes and colors and they really do make a difference in your garden. Moreover, you can also have them almost everywhere - indoors, in your office etc. You can also arrange them in different ways for various occasions and grow them in containers like bird cages, glass bowls etc. 

How To Propagate Succulents?

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Even if you take care of your succulents, they can become leggy. Thankfully, you can use these leaves to propagate. Usually, the lower leaves are the first that begin to wither and fall off. As soon as you notice this, pull them off and use them to make more plants.

Succulent propagation is really fun and easy. You just need to follow a few simple rules and tricks


Succulents are plants that are easy to grow but for the best results there are few simple tips and trick you should follow. I know many people who’ve had some results in the beginning and then fail growing succulents. That is why I’ve decided to write this post.

I hope that with this text you’ve learned more about growing succulents and how to get the best possible results. 

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