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The Day It Went Out From The Soil, I Knew…

When to harvest

The day was March 9, 2003.
My first plant ever developed and it was the first time I realized how fantastic it looks. I planted in a container for a first time, and it was great.
The scent, the fragile nodes, small leaves, and the sensation of success are the memories I’ll always cherish.
Hi, I’m Bruce. Nice to meet you.

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I’m so glad you landed on this page, where you’ll learn a bit more about me and this website.

GYM came as an idea a while ago, on a occasional dinner with my family; I’m a regular supplier of fresh greens during the last few years, since I decided to grow everything myself.

The project went alright from the start, but I can’t tell that I didn’t experience some downs and failures.

Grow Your Mint is my diary of gardening experiences and a notebook of my knowledge gathered throughout the years. Even though I can say I have a lot of experience, there’s always something new to discover and learn.

Gardening is more than a hobby to me, it is a way of living.

And if you’re into gardening, you’re going to have so much fun here.

As a small way to say “Thanks” for dropping by and hanging out with me here, I’ve made a guide to container planting, COMPLETELY FREE.

Make sure to check it out!

I’ll regularly blog on various gardening topics, and make sure to deliver all the info you need to make that first plant grow.

And believe me, the sensation is fantastic!

You can always reach out to me and my team at [email address]

See ya soon!