8 Beautiful Flowers To Grow Indoors This Summer

I'm a big fan of flowers, and I like to have them as much as I can in my place. I used to buy them a lot, and then I found that growing them on my own is a lot more fun experience, and it feels much better when I help something grow instead of just bringing it home from the market.

Some plants can grow pretty fast indoors, and especially in the summer, so I came up with the list including 8 beautiful flowers to grow indoors this summer and add some colors to your home.



Jasmine is a great indoor plant. Even though there are plenty of different types of jasmine, they are all capable of growth indoors. They are beautiful, and you will be pleasantly surprised in the evening when they release their scent.

Jasmine likes bright light and even can handle direct sunlight. To grow a healthy Jasmine, keep its soil moist at all times, but don't soak it in water. Use any standard soil but add drainage material. You can feed it with weak fertilizer during the summertime.

2. Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant

If you want to have something that's not so common in households, get yourself a Lipstick Plant. They are very easy to grow, and their blooms are beautiful and unique. The blooms resemble a lipstick, that's where they got their name.

Keep their soil lightly moist, don't use too much water and don't let the soil to dry out. Lipstick Plant likes indirect sunlight and plenty of it. It will do just fine with general potting soil.

3. Orchids


Orchids can make any home look better if grown properly. They need a bit of special care, so make sure the place where you want to place them has all the conditions necessary. Orchids like a lot of direct sunlight.

Even though they can adapt to temperature, make sure you choose the right orchid that can handle the average temperature in your home. They like humid space and bark mix soil, and a lot of water.

4. Purple Shamrock

Purple Shamrock

Even though it's very dark and close to black even, its shade of color comes from purple, and you can see how dark purple it is. Its color and leaf triangular shape make it a very interesting plant to have. It loves to be settled in a partial shade while resting in well-drained soil.

The important thing to be aware of - they are poisonous for cats and dogs! It requires minimal water amount and is extremely easy to be taken care of.

5. Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant

The layers of salmon pink color of the small flowers make the flower look like a group of shrimps in the grass. It loves the bright light, and you should keep its soil moist in the growing season. It will do fine in the all-purpose potting soil.

Feed it with fertilizer once a month.

6. Streptocarpus


The long green leaves and colorful small flowers are the characteristics of the Streptocarpus plant.

They can bloom even in the lowest light conditions, and they actually prefer it that way. As for the water levels, it likes more dry soil than a saturated one.

Fertilize it with half the regular dose, since they love low light.

7. African Violet

African Violet

African Violets are a great indoor plant, they are very simple to care for, and they are very beautiful. It likes plenty of indirect light, and they require watering only when the top layer of the soil is dry.

Fertilize it every two months with water fertilizer. For the soil, you can use the potting mix.

8. Wax Begonias

Wax Begonias

Wax Begonias are capable of making an entire bed of flowers. They have a very saturated color, and their bloom lasts very long. Make sure to give them a lot of bright light; they absolutely love it!

Water them when the first layer of soil is dry. They like light soil that can dry fast. You can fertilize them weekly at 1/4 strength.

In Conclusion

With this selection, you can grow an awesome indoor flower garden! Give them care and lots of love, and they will return the favor in their beauty and scent. Out of these 8 beautiful flowers to grow indoors this summer, you will surely love each and every one of them!

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