7 Weird Gardening Tips That Bring Unexpected Results So That You Can Improve Your Garden

“I'm one of those regular weird people.” Janis Joplin once said. Although her viewing of “weird” and mine are different, it is true that sometimes you have to step out of the frame and see a picture from different angle.

However, this article won’t feature things like “how to make a flower container out of uranium”, but rather something you would never think of when it comes to gardening and maintenance. Therefore, here are 7 weird gardening tips that bring unexpected results and feel free to use them to your advantage.


12 Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden

If you Use Vinegar in the Garden these 12 Miracles will Happen

Alright, I admit it, I have used vinegar several times in my garden, but this is something utterly different. I have used it against various insects, but is there more of it?

Of course, there is! 12 tips on different ways to use vinegar are featured in this article, and I have to say, some were familiar, and I just forgot about them, while others were a complete surprise.

How To Use Eggshells In The Garden: 5 Ways They’ll Help You Grow Food

5 ways egg shell can help you

When it comes to eggshells, people usually toss them into the trash bin. Some of them are using it when making compost, but there are a few more ways to use this ingredient.

Since egg shells are rich in calcium, their primary purpose is to provide this element where needed. As for ways to use them, you will have to read this article.

How To Clean Terracotta Pots (In 3 Easy Steps!)

How To Clean Terracotta Pots

If there is something is utterly despise to do, it is to clean pots. Due to their texture, this is a somewhat tricky job for me. Or, it was, until I found this article.

As I said, thinking out of the box can save you a lot of effort. The author of this article gave super easy way to clean terracotta pots, and it can be done in just three simple steps.

Worm Composting Made Simple

Worm Composting Made Simple

Whenever talking comes to the subject of lousy soil, someone from my surroundings says “Use worm composting.” It is a superb way to improve the health of vegetables, and I had to try it out.

Luckily, this article provided me with everything I should know. By keeping things short and understandable, the author made things look easy, which they are, in fact.

15 Practical Gardening Ideas On A Budget | Smart Homesteading Tips

15 Practical Gardening Ideas On A Budget

Wait, you want to tell me that I can significantly reduce my investments by reading a few tips and tricks? Count me in!

Although this title seems like a clickbait, it is in fact packed with useful information you can use whenever feel the need. Here’s just an example, you can grow food from scraps. And there are 14 more left to see.

10 Ways To Use Baking Soda In The Garden

10 ways to use baking soda in garden

I have used baking soda several times to get rid of fungi, but I didn’t know that there were so many ways to use it in the garden.

The author organized the article well since its slideshow-like layout will keep things clean and to the point. Simply put, there is no way to get lost while reading this article.

Build Million Dollar Garden Soil

Build thousand dollar garden soil

We all know how important the soil is. Because of that, no gardener won't benefit from this article. Whether that be just a simple check of the most important factors or complete reviving of your soil, this article got you covered.

The author covered broad subject, ranging from types of soil to how to make compost. That is why I’m considering this article to be a good starting point for every gardener.


So, there they are. 7 weird gardening tips that bring unexpected results are ready to be used and applied. I surely hope that you found them to be of assistance, and as always, if you have some additional tips or tricks, you know what to do.

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