10 Natural Pesticides For Your Garden You Just Have To Try!

All of you who have been following my blog so far know that I’m a firm advocate of organic production and overall natural approach to gardening. This also stands for pest control methods and pesticides. I don’t like the idea of ingesting chemicals, due to possible health problems and because I like the idea to keep the Earth clean.

Therefore, here are 10 natural pesticides for your garden which will help you to deal with any bug or pest that gives you headaches.


How To Make Natural Pesticides For Your Plants

10 natural pesticides for your garden

An excellent article which will help you to make pesticides out of things from your kitchen. It can’t be more natural than that, can it?

I love how the author kept things short and to the point. In just a few sentences you will learn anything that you need to know to make a solution for your problem.

Pesticide-Free Gardening

10 natural pesticides for your garden

When it comes to battling pests, the easiest thing to do is to buy a solution and damp the plant with it. But, there are some other things which can be used as prevention of those to appear in the first place.

This article will give you just that. From companion planting to other factors which influence the appearance of pests, it has it all.

13 Essential Insider Secrets To A Pest-Free, Disease-Free Garden

10 natural pesticides for your garden

It’s not just the pests and diseases which you need to worry about. It is the broad picture of other facts which can help or discourage the appearance of those.

Creating an environment which will disable harmful organisms to appear is the main subject of this article. Of course, you will have to read it to see what you are missing.

Natural Peppermint Castile Soap Garden Pesticide Spray

10 natural pesticides for your garden

This article features only one recipe, but it doesn’t mean that it is useless. On the contrary, it can help you to deal with pests naturally.

What I loved about this article are the pictures. The author made a few beautiful shots so that at every moment, you know what to do. Simple.

Use Fresh Garlic As An Organic Pesticide

10 natural pesticides for your garden

Yes, garlic can be a pesticide, and not just a Hollywood gimmick to keep good count Dracula out of the room.

The author provides with useful info on how to make one fantastic pesticide, and while some blending will be in order, it is not such a big deal. Read more.

15 Best Organic Insecticide For Vegetable Garden You Have To Try To Keep Your Plants Safe

10 natural pesticides for your garden

Pardon me for listing my own article, but here’s the deal. Some things featured here won’t come to your mind, no matter how hard you try.

We all know that neem oil is an excellent pesticide, but did you know that tobacco is too? No? Well, there are more of similar recipes, take a look. Read more...

Garlic Pepper Tea: A Natural And Organic Pesticide

10 natural pesticides for your garden

Although the first half of the title might sound misleading, this article is not about a drink. It is about the superb tool in eliminating mites, aphids and the rest of the gang.

The author’s easy style of writing appealed me the most; I had a feeling as if I’m talking with my friends and they are giving me advice. Read more...

This Amazing Natural Pesticide Recipe Is So Effective You Can Get Rid Of Pests In No Time

Although the title of this article seems like a clickbait a bit, it is not. This is one sweet, to-the-point article, which will provide you with a basic recipe for dealing with pests.

Step by step, the author guides through the process of making an universal pesticide which covers more than one pest or ingredient. Ultimately, why to deal with one pest at a time, when you can eliminate them all?

Natural Pest Control Remedies For Your Garden

10 natural pesticides for your garden

Another article about ways to deal with multiple pests in several different ways. Although pesticide usually means some kind of treatment, there are other ways.

I especially liked how the author pointed out wrong sides of using chemicals in your garden. Since I have the same point of view, I decided to share this article.

6 Amazing Homemade Pesticides That Will Definitely Send Insects Away From The Garden

10 natural pesticides for your garden

There is something with short articles that I just adore. Perhaps it is the easiness to understand and adopt knowledge, or the possibility to print it and keep it in my back pocket, who knows.

In any way, this article may be short, but it is incredible in case that you want a fast solution. Take this, this and that, mix, spray, BOOM!, bugs gone. That would be the form.


So, there it is. 10 natural pesticides for your garden are at your disposal. I believe that you will surely find a solution for your problem, and if not, there is always the comment section below, where you can ask questions, or leave some answers.

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