10 Best Garden Podcasts To Listen To While Maintaining Your Plants

When was the last time you listened to the radio? That nostalgic buzzing sound coming from the speaker which brings you back to the childhood? I love it, and whenever possible, I tune in to my favorite radio stations.

Therefore, here’s this article. It will cover 10 best garden podcasts you can listen, to expand the base of knowledge and to enjoy along the way. Strap up; this will be fun!


10 best garden podcasts

Via wedigplantspodcast.com

Behind this podcasts are two ladies who have taken their job seriously. Carmen DeVito and Alice Krieg are taking things up by the notch. Not just about gardening, Alice and Carmen threw in some art and decoration advice as well.

With more than 20 years of gardening in various fields, they will undoubtedly improve your knowledge, and what is more important, the process won’t be as dull as one might think.

Gardener’s Corner On BBC Radio Ulster

10 best garden podcasts

Via www.bbc.co.uk

The second most important thing to British people (besides teatime) is the looks of their garden. This is why I’m thinking about moving there. ☺ In any case, BBC Ulster based in Ireland has a long ongoing series of tips and tricks about this field of interest.

The main advantage of this show is that they don’t deal with trifle matters; instead, they focus on the issue which is essential at the moment. For example, it is the first week of March, let’s do a show about sowing and the rest of things which are done NOW.

The Organic Gardeners On KDKA

10 best garden podcasts

Via pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

Remember Jessica Walliser, the author of the book “Container Gardening Complete”, about what I have already written on my blog? Well, after that review, I continued to follow her work, and as it turns out, she does a fantastic job.

Simply put, there is clear evidence that Jessica is speaking out of her experience, and she will also give you advice based on the current season.

Gardeners' Question Time – BBC Radio 4

10 best garden podcasts

Via bbc.co.uk

When someone mentions a radio show, my first impression is about two people sitting in a room with a microphone and discussing. This is not how things are done on BBC Radio 4.

Instead of sitting in a room and talking, the crew of this show travels across Great Britain, dealing with specific situations in the field. This can benefit you, even if you don’t live in this area, only because of the excellent knowledge base of the leading man, Eric Robson, and his crew.

RHS Gardening Podcast

10 best garden podcasts

Via itunes.apple.com

You heard about Royal Horticultural Society, right? They are leading authority on this matter and what they say is set in stone. So, there’s no reason for not to tune in via iTunes, and see hear what they have to offer.

And they will offer a lot. From answering questions to dealing with specific situations, it is covered. Also, I’ve noticed that I’m enjoying this form much more because it gives a human voice to such great institution.

A Way To Garden

10 best garden podcasts

Via awaytogarden.com

Led by Margaret Roach, this podcast will suit many, just because of its author. She is a multi-media oriented, so don’t expect just to hear advice about how to sow carrots correctly, but also which music to listen while weeding your garden.

What delighted me the most, is her approach to chemicals. Margaret is not overly fond of those, as neither am I, so this is the main reason why I have decided to give her podcast a go. Plus, she lives in Hudson Valley, which is much closer to my conditions.

On The Ledge

10 best garden podcasts

Via janeperrone.com

It is said that writers have a problem when it comes to verbal communication (perhaps), but in case of Jane Perrone, this is not what you should expect. She transfers knowledge in a comfortable and relaxed way so that you won’t have trouble following her.

Moreover, there isn’t a subject about which Jane cannot talk. She also uses her long experience in journalism, so her podcast has excellent setup and quality.

Slow Your Home

10 best garden podcasts

Via slowyourhome.com

Yes, you read it right. The name of this podcast is “Slow your Home”. What does that mean? It means that from time to time we have to take it easy, and not to stress too much over everything. This is what the author Brooke McAlary learned the hard way.

She lives in Australia, and much of her podcast is about getting things slower. Kind of “smell the roses” way. The majority of these advice are about maintaining your garden and make it your haven from daily stress.

In Defense Of Plants

10 best garden podcasts

Via indefenseofplants.com

Sometimes, you can’t take things for granted, without considering what science has to say about it. This is the main reason why I loved this podcast so much.

Rather than taking that easy road, Matt decided to share his vast knowledge with the rest of the world, and thus this podcast is born. Therefore, if you wish to know more about botany, this is your first step.


10 best garden podcasts

Via plantrama.com

When there are two hosts in a show, it can be either disastrous or fantastic. Luckily, Plantrama is latter. Led by CL Fornari and Ellen Zachos it does cover the most important things about gardens and vegetables, but their approach delighted me the most.

Namely, instead of considering garden as separated part of the household, our wonderful hosts are mixing subjects from the garden and the kitchen. This gives a broad aspect of taste and shows how often we can slack things off.


Well, there you have it. 10 best garden podcasts to listen so that you can broaden your knowledge about various subjects. Of course, if you have your favorite, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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